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Our honest wardrobe philosophy

The earth, ethics and giving back detail the very heart of our design philosophy.

Natural & certified organic fabrics. Slow fashion philosophy. Sustainably made.

Ethically designed. Giving Back. For everyone: Inclusivity.

Local artistry. Quality of finish.

Sustainably Made

Sewing Studios

Our sewing studios are kind to the environment featuring;
• energy-efficient sewing machinery to reduce carbon emissions,
• greenery and natural lighting,
• considered recycling,
• reduced wastage and water consumption.

Earth considered packaging

Garments are placed in our waterproof, 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.

Parcel delivery is mailed in our earth recylclable and re-usable mailers that are made from all natural ingredients (pulp from wood).

Your order is delivered through our reliable, carbon-neutral mailing partners, Australia Post and Sendle.

Garment Care

As your collection transcends time, the care label on each garment writes of the most sustainable method of care. For example, machine or hand washing in cold water with line drying, choosing eco-dry cleans and keeping washing to a minimum are all care options that consider the earth and the long life of your garment.

A note on sustainability in the fashion industry

As the fashion industry slowly pivots towards sustainable practices and transitions away from an outdated and harmful 'fast fashion' mode we are proud to have been founded from the very beginning upon the central values of caring for the earth, ethics and giving back.

"We are not pivoting, we are building upon a foundation of sincere values of slow fashion that have been thoughtfully established from the very start of our design journey. We believe in the continual prioritisation of sustainability, ensuring we are at the forefront of delivering the most ethical and sustainable practices at every stage of the design journey"

Sustainable Fabrics

Garments are woven in GOTS certified organic cotton, natural linen, silk and timeless fabrications. These fabrics are thoughtfully selected, taking into consideration our entire earth: people, ecosystems and environment.

Certified Organic

All of our organic fabrics are GOTS accredited and certified. We choose to craft many of our pieces in certified organic cotton as the farming of organic cotton crops uses far less water than conventional cotton with no toxic chemicals. This gentle harvesting process considers the farmers and surrounding eco-system to protect our earth.


Naturally sourced from the flax plant, linen is breathable fabric that is kind to the earth. It is one of our signature fabrics because it is long-lasting and beautifully textured. The flax plant in itself is highly sustainable with every part of the plant being used to create a worthwhile product, it ensures no-waste to the environment.


The finest of natural fabrications, silk is one of the most historical and timeless fibres naturally sourced from the earth and biodegradable. As a renewable resource, it uses less water, chemicals and energy in production than many other fibres. It is a luxurious, soft fabric that forms designs of artful drape and exceptional quality.

Timeless fabrics

Our vegan leathers, silk velvets and sequin tulles are of the highest quality, ensuring they are long-lasting and timeless. Pieces that are woven in these iconic fabrics, are designed for the eternal wardrobe as versatile signatures to wear with a variety of styling options. This long-lasting design philosophy is about avoiding trends and ‘seasons’. Our wardrobe alternatively prioritises creativity, uniqueness and timeless beauty to pass through the generations.

Digital Printing

Our prints are all hand-illustrated and digitally printed. This digital printing alternative to dye printing reduces carbon footprint and features the most accurate translation of vivid colour from the artistry.

Slow Fashion

The future of fashion is slow.

No ‘Seasons’, No ‘Trends’
Our timeless design philosophy means we do not believe in ‘trends’ or ‘seasons’. We believe in creativity, uniqueness and timeless beauty to pass through the generations. Our wardrobe is designed for eternity, a statement unto itself.

Pre-order and Limited Edition
Each chapter includes a pre-order season and a few limited-edition signatures. These options are part of our slow fashion philosophy to create our collections on-demand with a no-waste vision.

Thoughtful Design
Our slow fashion philosophy is about creating an eternal, quality, versatile and sustainably innovative wardrobe. In designing wardrobe signatures with versatile styling options, each Kimberley Anne signature features new ideas and innovations (such as removable sleeves) to create many ways to wear through multiple seasons.

Woven in the highest quality of fabric, each piece has been thoughtfully designed to accentuate the feminine figure, in a timeless silhouette.

Ethical makers

Ethics and values detail the very heart of our design philosophy.

We work with our family-owned production partners personally to thoroughly ensure ethics are upheld to the highest standards. We only work with like-minded makers who share the same values of sincere care for the earth, community and people.

Defining ethical standards;
• Safe, clean, spacious, earth-considered work environments.
• Fair wages and reasonable working hours.
• Inclusive, kind and understanding leadership.
• All makers are thoroughly trained, experienced and of adult working age.
• Considers the surrounding community and giving back locally.
• Sustainable practices such as clean energy, recycling and minimal wastage.
• Ethically accredited or working towards formal ethical accreditation.
• Sincerity, honesty and transparency. This includes being open to and conducting regular inspections and visits.

We are sincerely proud and honoured to be working with our diverse and talented makers both locally in Australia and overseas that uphold the highest standards of ethics and sustainability.

Giving back

Giving back is part of our purpose.

We are proud to support charities that make a wonderful difference locally and globally.

Charity Partners

Every chapter collection supports a specific charity. As an advocate for mental health, we are donating a portion of every order from Chapter Two to The Black Dog Institute, the medical research institute in Australia dedicated to researching and deeply investigating mental health across our entire lifespan.

In our first chapter we were thankful that your orders enabled us to be able to give back 5% to local charities that made a wonderful difference throughout the pandemic including Lifeline Australia, Foodbank Australia and overseas, Doctors Without Borders.

How we support

We donate a percentage portion from each collection to the chosen charity of the chapter. We also seek to be advocates for our chosen charities, sharing information and discussions on the important causes that make a difference in our local communities.

“There will always be a few causes that stir your heart to take action, you just have to find what it is. Previously, working in the not-for-profit charity sector, I was able to see the incredible impact that giving back has on people’s lives. To give back, not only financially, but with time and advocacy for causes that create a real difference in people’s lives is an important part of life, and is deeply important to us as a label”

The real-world impact

1 in 5 of us will experience symptoms of mental illness in any given year. 60% of these people won’t seek help.

New research and knowledge progresses the effective help, management and prevention of mental health.

The wonderful philosophy of The Black Dog Institute is that they ensure people with lived experience of mental health have an opportunity to share their story and be part of research development. This helps build understanding, reduce stigma and discrimination, and improve the quality, relevance and knowledge translation of research.

The Black Dog Institute has several programs that have real-world impact including LifeSpanCRESPmyCompass and Bite Back.

For Everyone: Inclusivity

We are for everyone. To represent women from all nationalities, sizes and life journeys.

Honoring our Traditional Owners. In Australia, we sincerely acknowledge and honour the traditional owners of the homelands of the Turrbal and Jagera peoples.

Advocating to Reduce Exclusionary Stigmas. We believe that diversity and inclusion is also about advocating and being part of the conversation with regards to reducing exclusionary stigmas on topics such as mental health, homelessness, and womens equality. We support charities that forward conversations and actions to reduce exclusionary stigma.

The Value of Humanity. In our opening chapter we wrote that ‘the sun rises every day - for everyone’. From the very start of our design journey, our philosophy is for and including everyone. This represents the world in which we wish to live and help create – a world of kindness where every person is included, valued and knows love.

Just as we sustainably choose our fabrics, we thoughtfully choose our makers according to their quality of craftsmanship. Your Kimberley Anne garments are woven together with every detail considered for design and quality.

Local Artistry

We love working with local Australian artists to bring our unique prints to life. Recently, our chapter two special edition print was hand-illustrated by Blue Mountains artist Eloise who hand-painted Australian botanicals and butterflies in earth browns,tans and blues for our wildflower print.

Quality of finish

Kimberley Anne is a wardrobe of exceptional quality and design. We focus on creating pieces that are high-quality, long-lasting and kind to our earth.
Exceptional quality of craftsmanship is appreciated in the details. For example, our garments are;
• Lined with 100% natural fabric (we do not use polyester lining).
• Sewn with long-lasting french style stitching.
• Finished with YKK zippers and quality trims.
• Crafted in shapely silhouettes that elegantly accentuate the feminine figure.
• Carefully measured for exceptional fit from sizes 6 - 16.
• Woven in fabric that is extensively tested for quality, drape, softness, durability and sustainability.

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